Conscious Quantum Academy | Core Foundation Intro Course

The Core Foundation | Introduction Course

Welcome to the core foundation of energy alchemy and self-care

This course exists of 10 short videos
wherein Marieke shares how to activate your life force energy
and create the core foundation of a healthy energy practice,
by establishing a foundation of an activated breath, heart energy and grounding.

Together we practice centering our our energy body.
Practice various breathing techniques.
Practice an easy grounding technique.
Expand and cultivate your heart energy,
connected to our auric field.

Bringing your breath, grounding and heart energy
together within coherence and harmony.

Feeling the power within your own energy field.
Activating your life force energy.
Creating a path of connection with your Soul,
your higher self & spirit.

Establishing your core foundation
of Self Care Alchemy.

Expand your energy from within

Course Information

Estimated Time: 40 to 90 Minutes

Course Instructor

Marieke Marieke Instructor

Core Foundation Introduction

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Creating a strong foundation within your core
allows you to feel stable, anchored and
aligned within your daily life.

In this introduction course
you will listen to short video’s
that support you in re-remembering
how to activate the core foundation
of your energy system.

  • Practice Healthy Breathing Patterns
  • Establish a Strong Grounding Practice
  • Expand and Activate Your Heart Energy

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